I hold two Florida licenses: broker and instructor and have owned and managed 3 real estate offices.  My most challenging training assignment was in 1987 when I worked for an International maritime company and was sent to South America to teach the new office staff and sales associates how to use a “CRT”.  The catch was that I had to use a Portuguese interpreter during the training sessions as no one in the office spoke English!

There is no other industry that I would rather be in than real estate.  My entire career prior to getting my first real estate license always revolved around training and management.  In fact, my degree in teaching was my first step to becoming an effective and respected real estate broker and instructor as my primary job now is to educate buyers, sellers, and real estate licenses about the business and the transactional process. My personal motto: “If you do the right thing, the rest takes care of itself” demonstrates a tireless commitment to always focus on making decisions which serve my customers and co-workers honorable and morally.  That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had challenges, but I can say that I don’t worry about having to face anyone with whom I have done business.

I’ve had the awesome privilege and responsibility to change people’s lives positively and never underestimate the impact of my actions as a Realtor®.

I was recently awarded 2018 Educator of the Year by our local board.  

A few of my favorite things: my children, otters, and being a volunteer for Community Hospice. 

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4194 San Juan Ave.
Jacksonville, FL 32210
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As a resident of Jacksonville since 1987, I have built a reputation in the real estate community as a knowledgable and versatile professional. I use my time each and everyday to the fullest potential always remembering that my sales associates pay me and my job is to work diligently to assist them with their goals. I realize I must do things the average broker will not to earn your confidence and trust while demonstrating competency and integrity. As I will be directly involved in advising and counseling you with regard to your potential income, my focus is to always put your best intersts first.   

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San Marco

Living in the San Marco area of Jacksonville, you’re only minutes from the Southbank but far enough to become immersed in a completely different cultural experience. There’s so much to explore within San Marco’s historic district. From trendy, upscale boutiques to a distinct selection of mouthwatering cuisine, there’s something to suit just about any...

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Community Service

Community Service

Meet Sooshi!

She is my Pet Therapy Partner with Community Hospice as well as local schools, nursing homes, and charity events. Together we travel to see patients who are looking to have a visit from us to help brighten their day. Sooshi and I officially are the first Pet Therapy Feline Team for Pet Partners in Northeast Florida. We are also members of the Therapy Anmal Coalition (TAC) which assists in the training of pet therapy animals and their handlers. Did you know that there are 7 types of animals that can qualify as a pet therapy volunteer? They are a dog, cat, rabbit, guinea pig, rat, horse, and alpaca. If you've ever thought you might like to volunteer your time with your pet, feel free to contact me. I'm happy to help!